La Tramontane

The weekly daytrips with “Troublion” continues – when the wind allows us! In the South of France the prevailing wind comes from NW – here the locals call it ‘La Tramontane’ – in Provence it’s called ‘Le Mistral’. It’s a wind that – when on land – can drive you crazy, because it’s most often quiet strong. Furthermore in winter and spring it carries the cold air picked up from the snowy mountaintops. In summer it’s the fresh and welcome breeze on a hot day or it can be the wind that creates a sandstorm on the beach. And when on sea – it’s like any wind, you just have to be aware of the force and respect it – of course.
Coming from NW means – in our region – that it comes from land (crossing the Black Mountains). It does not create heavy seas – rather it whips the surface into white foam. Most often we have 3-4 days in a row with a Tramontane around windforce 9 or 47-55 mls/hr. No sailing on such days!

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