About me

I am danish and from Copenhagen – born in 1958. Bachelor from Copenhagen Business School and worked within the financial business. Since 2003 I’ve lived in the South of France. The first 7 years in the mountainside and since 2010 in Port-Vendres, a lovely coastal village 10 km north of the Spanish border – and port for fishing, container shipping and with a large marina – mainly for sailing boats. During my time in France I’ve been working as independant/freelancer with translation/interpretation and language assistance in “Den Franske Assistance” and with webdesign in IDEORAMA.

My first experience on a sailing boat was in 1979 – the first summerholiday at sea on “Pirana” with my boyfriend and his pals (the two other owners of the boat). A beautiful and excellent type of boat designed and constructed in Denmark by Peter Bruun – the model is called “Spækhugger” (Orca) –  it’s 24 feet long and it’s a sort of racing boat and slightly over rigged. Despite two weeks with heavy rains and hard winds – and a little bit of sunshine – I fell in love with sailing. And after some years we and a couple of saling mates bought a larger boat – the model called “Grinde” (Pilot Whale) – from the same designer and constructor – a solid 28 feet family touring boat. Like moving from a scout tent to a villa 😉

And of course all holidays and weekends were spent sailing along the Danish and Scandinavian seashores – and now and then crossing the inner oceans of Scandinavia.

After a split up, sailing was occassional for a long time – but arriving in Port-Vendres 7 years ago – and living on the quay – sailing became again – fortunately – an opportunity.

I think one of the main reasons that I fell in love with sailing is – apart from that I love the Element Water – that it demands your cooperation with Nature. Respect, love and obey are fundmentals when you are at sea!

Skills and interests
I speak fluently English, French and Danish and I manage the Scandinavian languages. For this trip I intend to learn some basic Spanish.
I’m reasonably good with computers and fortunately friends enjoy my cooking, because I love to cook.
I’m a passionated photographer – have a look at Gitte’s Gallery and one of nature’s biggest fans. I love music – in french a “Melomane” – with a bias towards jazz and classic. Litterature and film also have a big place in my heart.

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