I’ll make the journey as a crewmember. A sort of boat hitchhiking or “Hitchsailing” between the folks.

The journey is about sailing and exploring. Exploring oceans, coasts and islands, cultures and people. It has no fixed destination and no fixed period – it’s open ended.

I am aiming at taking off in November – December 2017.
The start, however, is going  be settled – as it will be from the Canarian Islands bound for the Caribbean – maybe as a part of the Atlantic Rally Cruise – see more

Later on, the journey will be more improvised. I will try to take advantage of the “Ship looking for Crew / Crew looking for Ship” pages on the web as well as forums on social networks.  And once I am out there, I expect to meet boats looking for crew as well.

Although I’m not planning the details – I have a rough idea about spending some time in the Carribean. Cuba has been on my wishlist for a long time – so I am definitely going to make a stop there. And for later on The Galapagos Islands are on this list as well – so I guess the overall direction somehow will be westbound.

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And a very detailed, informative and well written blog Ocean Exploration