Taking off on a journey like this requires that one are as well prepaired as can be.

Some formal preparations like finding a health insurance and having vaccinations are indispensable.

And some preparations are about “getting in shape” before leaving – physically as well as intellectually.

And then there’s those while “being out there”.

My preliminary list of issues looks like this:

Definitely before leaving:

  • Travel insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • Equipment – clothes – gadgets
  • Means of payment – what type – how many

And best before leaving:

  • Physical exercise
  • Learn elementary Spanish

As regards Visas almost all islands in the Carribean are open to EU citizens. Only Cuba ask for a tourist card upon arrival. And of course those islands belonging to the US have the same requirements as USA. Further on most Latin American countries do not require visa.

To be considered before leaving:

Update on navigation:
“Day Skipper” is only possible to obtain in DK and UK, I have not found the equivalent in France.
However I have the possibility to practice on a regulary base.

And while away:

I will need some funding during the journey. What I have in mind so far is writing articles, taking photos, videos, and more. Optionally be part of a eco- or environmental project. Any ideas and suggestions will be received with open arms!

Ideas are so far:

  • Earning from advertisments on this blog
  • Sort of sponsorship of this website which will serve as a blog along with the journey
  • Participating in a project – se a few listed here