The 7 Seas is the name of this project about the next chapter in my life.

Since my first summer vacation on a sail boat 37 years ago, I’ve dreamed of taking a journey at sea. Crossing big blue oceans – watching dolphins playing; anchoring up in small turquise bays – ready for jumping in and exploring the underwater world;  night shifts under a black velvet sky with a million diamonds! Exploring cultures and people. Dreams that were largely fueled by maritime adventures told, in particular by the danish adventureres Jan Eske Bertelsen and Troels Kløvedal.

Life goes on and dreams they live on!

For the last 7 years I’ve lived in Port-Vendres, a coastal village with a port and a marina in the South of France. I live right on the quay and daily I am watching the arrivals and departures of sailing boats. And from time to time I have had the pleasure of a day trip on the Mediterranean. Always leaving me with appetite for more.

I guess this is how the dream was nourished and kept alive!

And not long ago – on a day in the company of good friends and talks about life – I realized that now is the time if it’s going to be lived out!

The decision is taken!