Take care of our oceans

One of the things I realized immedately, when I went sailing for the first time, was the close connection to nature that this kind of activity demands. Understanding and respect! The sea is a powerful ruler who should be admitted – not conquered.

That was 37 years ago – and those fundamental rules and conditions have never changed.

What has changed is the environment – hereunder the state of the oceans.

Today – as a result of human behaviour – we must fight to keep the oceans alive.

Plastic gyros at the size of a continent are floating around in all the big oceans – but worst are the situation in the Pacific.

The global warming affects the oceans in many ways leading to disturbance and in worst case – as already seen in the Great Barrier Reef – extinction of the fragile eco-systems.

Not to mention over-fishing, pollution and industrial exploitation.

As sailors we have a special responsibility and must conduct after ethic rules to secure that our presence does not do any harm.

But while being out there, I think we can do more to help.

Many global organizations and funds are already doing a major work to help and improve the situation of the oceans.

We can help by putting attention to their activities, join projects and of course financially.

With The7Seas I am aiming to help and support this case to the best of my abilities.

These oganisations are all working to help the Oceans and Oceanlife:

Plasticchange – organization creating awareness about the plastic pollution.
Oceana – protecting and restoring the world’s oceans on a global scale

WWF Blue Planet
Save our Seas – specialized in saving Sharks and Rays

Parley for the Oceans – latest with Adidas in a plastic-sneekers-project
Bite-Back works on consumer level – protecting especially Sharks